Support our school! 

Did you know that LAUSD does not fund vital elements of your child's education such as Teachers' Aides and Computer Instruction and Support? Technology support from the amazing Mr. Swarns and teaching assistance from our hard-working TAs are more important than ever for students to thrive during this period of online schooling. They are entirely funded by the family donation so please give whatever you can. 


Other local schools ask each family for a donation of $ 1,500 / year but we're asking you to   PLEASE donate whatever you can afford to pay for these things, no amount is too small. 


Last year, an anonymous donor pledged to give us $ 10,000 if we reached 80% participation. We didn't make that but the donor has generously offered to give us the same amount if we reach 70% this time. We can do this !!!

Please use the below form - once you fill out you will be taken to your preferred payment page.  If you have any questions about the payment, don't hesitate to reach out to the  Your tax form will be immediately emailed to you!   Don't forget to ask your employer if they do matching grants!

Thank you!!


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