Sunday Buzz - Sept 8th

Enrichments have started - the school year is in FULL swing and we have BACK TO SCHOOL Tuesday, September 10th from 6-7pm.  For those that came out on Saturday for our first Beautification Day - Thank you!   What a wonderful community we have at the school!

PARENT PLEDGE - Our parent pledge is in full swing and we are encouraged to report that we have 11% of the school that has pledged their support.  Our fundraising budget is $160,000 this year - which is a HUGE number but is necessary.  To take a look at the items that we pay for visit HERE - these are items that LAUSD does not pay for and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  

Please don't delay PLEDGE TODAY. VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO PAY ONLINE Other schools ask for $1500 from each student - we are asking to pledge what you can and our goal is 100% participation.  We need your support!

See you at Back to School and don't forget to check the schools official websitefor up to date information and school programs.  

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