Labor Day Buzz

Labor Day Buzz!

Hi Beethoven Bears!  Just as we get into the swing of the school year - we are approaching a 4 day weekend!  Hope you have something fun planned!  Typically we will try to send Buzz updates on Sunday nights.  But as it is a holiday - we wanted to get remind you of some great programs and support!

ENRICHMENTS - Our After School Enrichment Program is starting up next week after the holiday. Our enrollment numbers are low and at this point, it looks like we may have to cancel some of our usual favorites like Animal Invasion and Hip Hop Dance due to low enrollment.  If you are planning to register for classes, please do so by going to the Friends of Beethoven website at  Please don’t wait until Enrichments start on the 3rd before signing up!

PARENT PLEDGE -  Once a year, we ask families to donate money to pay for the things that LAUSD does not: Art, Teacher's Aids, Tech Support, Math & Coding Programs.  You can check out our FULL budget here on all the programs that we directly support - we have a fundraising goal of over $160,000.  All pledges are tax deductible and we except monthly payments as well as one time pledge options. Other local schools ask for $1500 per child, but we are asking you to pledge whatever you can afford.  Join our community of support for our incredible school - no amount is too small!  Our goal is to get ALL families to participate and contribute to pledge.  While our financial goal is $160,000 the REAL SUCCESS will be 100% participation!  

We are currently at 7% participation, thank you for all those that have donated!  Click here to donate to our pledge.  Have a great weekend!

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