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Bear Scare FAQ

Q: Where does all the money that is raised through Bear Scare go?
A: This event helps raise money through the Friends of Beethoven Booster Club (non-profit parent run organization) for things such as school improvements, additional programs not funded by LAUSD such as Art, Music, and Field Trips, as well as providing direct IT support for the school.

Q: Can I dress up in costume?
A: Yes, dressing up in your Halloween costume is encouraged!
Please refrain from bringing play weapons such as toy guns.

Q: Can friends and families who do not attend Beethoven come to Bear Scare?
A: Absolutely!! The more the merrier and spookier! Again, this is a fundraiser for the school as well as a community building event. We will be advertising this around the neighborhood so we can try to make as much money as possible to fund as many great programs as we can at Beethoven Street Elementary!

Q: How much does Admission cost?
A: Admission is free! Carnival booths, craft booths, bouncy houses, food, and other items will cost tickets which will be sold at the Bear Scare Ticket Booth.

Q: What are wristbands?
A: Wristbands are passes that can be purchased in advance, or at the event, that will provide greater access to the various booths and activities at Bear Scare. There are two types of wristbands:
(1) All Access wristband which provides access to the Bounce House and Obstacle
Course, game booths, field games, and Haunted Hallway tours and will cost $45 on the day of the event
(2) Bouncer wristband which access to the Bounce House and Obstacle Course areas and will cost $25 on the day of the event

Q: Where do I pick up my wristband I ordered in advance?
A: Wristbands will be available for pick up at the Bear Scare Ticket Booth on 10/28, the day of the event. If you are ordering in advance, we collect the name and room number of your child which is what the bands will be under at the event. If you have more than one child, give the name of your oldest. If you order more than one wristband, it can be put under one child’s name.

Q: What are the Early Bird Cash Only specials for wristbands?
A: We are providing a discount for purchasing wristbands in cash in advance of the day of the event. Click here to print out the order form and send in an envelope with payment to the school office by Monday, October 23rd.

Q: Why does it cost more to pay by credit card for the Early Bird specials?
A: We had to add a little extra onto credit card payments to cover the fees we must pay to process credit cards. Friends of Beethoven is a non-profit organization that raises money for the school, but credit card companies don’t care!

Q: How much are tickets and what are they used for?
A: Tickets will be sold the day of the event at $1 per ticket. The tickets can be used for anything at Bear Scare – class booths, bouncy houses, food. If you choose not to purchase one of the activity wristbands, you can “pay” for items using these tickets. For example, carnival game booths will cost 1 ticket, craft booths will cost 2 tickets, bouncy house and bouncy obstacle course will cost 5 tickets.

Q: How much will food be?
A: Food will cost various amounts of tickets depending on what is purchased. We will have tri-tip, burgers, water, sodas, juices, and chips available for purchase.
Q: Where can I purchase a Bear Scare t-shirt?
A: Bear Scare t-shirts will be available at Monday morning assemblies and again the day of the event.

Q: What are the booths?
A: Each classroom has been assigned a booth, which parents from the class will work in. There are some game booths and some crafts booths.

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