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Established in 1993, the Friends of Beethoven Booster Club is an organization of parent volunteers whose purpose is to raise money to enhance the students’ learning environment at Beethoven Street Elementary School.  The Booster Club is also responsible for the ongoing cultivation of community partnerships with local businesses, community-based organizations, and government organizations that will contribute to and support Beethoven Street Elementary School.


Friends of Beethoven

    Jeff Manpearl (Co-President)
    Andy Telanoff (Co-President)

Beethoven PTA

    Kathy Vigil (President)

Robin Gurney
You've Been Stung!
Robin has 2 children at Beethoven a Kinder and a 3rd Grader. Thank you Robin for organizing Coffee with the Kinders! It is a great way to keep the Kinder Parents informed. Robin is on her 2nd year as PTA treasurer, she has done an exceptional job keeping the books organized. Thank you Robin for your help at the Silent Auction and all the other Beethoven Events. Robin is a huge supporter of Beethoven, we can not thank you enough and your family for all you do for Beethoven.  

Recent Awards & Grants

 > Salad Bars 2 Schools

 > Mar Vista Community Council "Community Beautification Grant" 

Real Milk California Sweeptstakes

> Bizzy Blondes Real Estate: 500 color fund raising flyers

> George Chung Realtors: Including Beethoven flyer in house to house newsletter

> Tiffany Rochelle at Pardee Properties: $500.00

> Whole Foods Garden Grant (2013): $1,000 for garden bench and garden supplies

PTA Drive

Join and make a difference!

Each class that has 100% participation will receive an ICE CREAM PARTY

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FOB Archive


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You've Been Stung!!

You have been Stung Havana Campbell!  Havana Campbell is a student at Beethoven, she is in 4th grade this year  She entered a Father’s Day contest at Pardee Properties and won $500.00 for Beethoven!  Havana was one of the first 10 children to memorize and recite one of Tami’s favorite poems, “Somebody Said it Couldn’t be Done,” and her reward was a donation to Beethoven.  Thank you Havana for thinking of your school! 


Box Tops for Education

Thank you everyone for helping to make Box Tops a huge part of Beethoven.  Last year we made over $1500.00 from parents clipping away.  We hope you can help us make this program a success again!

For every 10 box tops that you turn in before October 17, 2014 you will receive a Bear Scare game ticket.  Box tops are an easy way to make money for the school.   Each Box Top is worth 10 cents, the more you turn in the more money we will make!

Thank you Courtney Cregar and Staci Boggari for chairing Box Tops again!


Open Chair Positions

We need you help!  If interested in any of the positions please contact:  Kathy Vigil at

 Bear Wear: We need a parent or two to help sell spirit wear at Beethoven!  This is one way that we show our Beethoven Pride. The volunteer would set up Bear Wear on Monday Assembly’s.  Set up shirts, sell, put shirts away.

 Salad Bar: We are in danger of losing our salad bar as we need parent volunteers to help serve.  Salad bars are in high demand in schools and we have one and may lose it.  Salad bars are the easiest way for schools to offer fruit and vegetables.   If you would like to help keep our salad bar going at Beethoven please volunteer your time once a week.  We need at least 2 people each week to serve. 

 Valet Drop off:  This is a very important program at Beethoven.  The Student Curbside Valet Service allows students to be safely dropped off at school in the morning without the need for parking.  The Service is offered between 7:30 AM – 8:10 AM each week day and is organized exclusively by parent volunteers from all classrooms. (except Kinder.) 


Room Parents Needed

There can never be too many!  Each class needs at least one room parent.   A room parent facilitates communication between parents and the teacher, and supports the teacher’s  needs that may arise.  Duties can vary greatly depending on the needs and desires of each teacher and changing school-wide needs and events. Some of the events and activities include:  Class Trips, Class Parties, Bear Scare, Teacher Appreciation, Fitness Challenge, Creating community in the classroom.   If you are interested please contact Kathy Vigil at

Thank you to the following parents for becoming Room Parents:  (Please let me know if you would like to be a Room Parent it is not too late)  We need room parents in:  Ms. Sugimoto, Ms. Ramos and Ms. Sandler’s room.


Ms. Layne:  Mona Navarro

Ms. Ramirez:  Jennifer Connolly, Amber Horton, Susanne Rosales, Marcus Wagner, Amanda Urabe

Ms. Sugimoto:


1st Grade:

Ms. Alanis: Krystal Henderson, Martha Baustista, Alicia Cruz

Ms. Evans:  Monica Bush, Lisa Zwarych, Christi Johnson, Bernadette Pereciado, Lisa Hudson


2nd Grade

Mr. O’Donnell:  Mila Davis, Melina Flores

Ms. Ramos:


3rd Grade:

Ms. Mills: Dale Tellanoff, Blanche Berzamin

Ms. Arthur: Vanessa Gonzelez, Ashley Halverson, Dianna Tate, Jeanna Kienzle

Ms. Sandler:


4th Grade:

Ms. Honig - Belkis Arrendondo, Robin Gurney, Dave Campbell

Ms. Gellman: Lyndra Uzan


5th Grade:

Hirata/Zullo:  Kathy Vigil, Shiomara Brady, Dianna Tate